My name is Brent Schooley but you’ll usually refer to me as ChefBrent, B, CheffyB, or some combination or derivative thereof. In my day job, I work for a company called Twilio where I get to educate and entertain software developers with the same skills I use on YouTube and Twitch as ChefBrent in my spare time. On Twitch you’ll find me playing Cuphead, cooking, or out in the real world (sometimes covering live events).

My love of gaming started very young. The first console I ever played on was the Atari 2600. I played everything from Skiing to Tennis to Haunted House to Barnstorming on that thing and I fell in love with it. Later it was the NES and Super NES that I couldn’t put down. I’ve always been best at platformers and that leads me to my current obsession…

Cuphead. Oh, Cuphead. If you haven’t played this delightful masterpiece yet what are you even doing with your life? The art, the music, the gameplay… I honestly can’t recommend it more. Yes, I know it is hard in spots. I’ll help you through it. I’m currently speedrunning it on Normal difficulty sitting at 28th in the world. Seriously, stop reading this for a second and go buy Cuphead. Read the rest when you’re done. I’ll wait.

I grew up with great cooks in my family all around me. My Grandma Schooley still cooks some of the most delicious food you can put in your facehole. My Dad can look at a random assortment of ingredients and *boom* there’s a super tasty dinner on the table. My Mom reads cookbooks for fun every Christmas (when I purchase her a few more). So, I suppose this is why I’m so into food. I am the Head ChefBrent (see what I did there) on Cooking With Heat which you can watch every Monday over on Elliface’s channel.

I’m leaving a *lot* out but I’m doing it on purpose. I want you to meet me when you meet me. Come hang out in a stream and ask me anything. I’ll answer just about anything. You can follow me on Twitter at @brentschooley and @ChefBrentTv if that’s your jam as well.