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Mario Party Drinking Game Rules

1. If you roll a 1 at any point during the game, take a drink. This includes the opening roll to see who goes first.

2. If you land on a red space, take a drink.

3. If you land on a ? space, give a drink.

4. If you are sent back to the starting space, finish your drink or take a shot.

5. After a mini-game (including Duel and Battle mini-games), any and all losing players must take a drink.

6. If you ask Boo to steal a star from a rival, you must finish your drink or take a shot as compensation.

7. If a player lands directly on the bank space, all other players must take a drink.

8. If you fail to receive an item while playing the item game, take a drink.

9. If you receive a star, all other players must finish their drinks or take a shot. This includes bonus stars awarded at the end of the game.

10. At Toad's star space, if you do not have the 20 coins needed to pay for the star, finish your drink or take a shot.

11. If Bowser steals your coins, take a drink.

12. If you get a fake star from Bowser on the Bowser map, finish your drink or take a shot.

13. If a player uses Boo to steal coins from a rival, then the player stealing coins must drink for the duration of Boo's attack. Note that this includes use of the Boo Bell, and that Boo is counted for rule 5

14. If you lose coins or stars through Chance Time take a drink.

15. Battle Mini Games: 1st Place = No Drinks,  2nd = 1 drink, 3rd = 2 drinks, 4th = 3 drinks

16. Whoever is the predicted winner during the last 5 turns gets to add or subtract a rule. If adding a rule; the rule must be able to affect any player. 

17. End of game; Everyone finishes their remaining drink as a victory drink!