As Told by Troopzor

The story of the beginnings of PH-16 is not for the faint of liver.

A young Troopzor

A young Troopzor

It all started in the ye olden times of 2008. I, Troopzor, was sharing a lesser apartment with the noble Tommcq whilst attending the less then notable -redacted- University. During a class of simple trials I had befriended a loud man who hailed from the far off land of New Jersey. After discussing things like starcraft of "fucking destroying" scrubs in Counter Strike we were invited to partake in a festival for the consumption of spirits.

Tommcq was suspicious of this newfound friendship for we were not at the age allowed for such activities. After some convincing we arrived at the door of our new comrades apartment... PH16.

We entered and I made sure to introduce my party with that of our new comrades. Many complimentary insults were laid upon us as we returned in kind. We spent the night consuming spirits and such. Some time later we learned of the Administrator for our new comrades who went by the name of Elliface.

At first we were concerned that she would report our festivals to the nearest authorities but soon learned that she was of noble intent.

Many moons later Tommcq moved into PH16 and I followed thereafter. In remembrance of the New Jersey Comrade we continue to host and partake in festivals with the helpful eye of Elliface and her compatriots.


As Told by Elliface

In college, I moved around the dorms a few times trying to find the most tolerable roommates. Our school’s dorm setup was pretty strange. Instead of having a building dedicated to the college’s students, we had a smattering of apartments throughout a civilian luxury condo complex, and we all stacked up 4 to an apartment.

A young Elliface

A young Elliface

I wasn’t having any luck finding good roommates so when I became a Resident Assistant for the college, I got to snipe any 2 girls from the dorms. I picked the nerdiest, cleanest two and we dropped into a penthouse apartment at the edge of the property. We lived in PH19, right around the corner from PH16.

During my RA duties I was required to knock on each apartment’s door, do a quick room check, and get a signature on my clipboard. One innocuous night of rounds, I knocked on PH16’s door and Troopzor answered. He seemed dismissive. So I asked to enter the apartment and take a look around. Inside I found Tommcq on a PC at a desk in the living room, heavily focused on playing WoW. I tried to make polite conversation but got a continued cold shoulder. Begrudgingly, I gathered my signature and left and returned to my rounds.

Many years later, I would learn that Tommcq was many lightyears beyond drunk-as-a-skunk during this interaction, and was far too mashed to engage in conversation, as he was trying to avoid pure panic as someone with authority was prodding him.

It didn’t take long for me to befriend my PH16 neighbors around the corner. I’d go there to sit awkwardly on their floor and hang out with Tommcq and Troopzor, while they nervously began to open up about some of the liver-destroying parties they’d been to. I was a good RA, but I didn’t hold my students to the letter of the rulebook. If no one got hurt and there were no disruptions, I didn’t bust up a party. The boys of PH16 truly admired me for this.

Fast forward to early 2016, Tommcq invites me and ChefBrent to his favorite local dive bar hangout, where he shares some info about a charity stream that he does every year and streams to Twitch. I was inspired. I joined that stream Tom hosted and played PT for a small group of friends and viewers. I was absolutely magnetized. I started streaming myself later that year!

Once I started streaming regularly, Tommcq and Troopzor kicked their own streams into high gear and before we knew it we were a team. A team of friends and streamers with various backgrounds and interests. Naturally my 2 closest humans ChefBrent and Kevin_Spicy started streaming too, and we picked up LitaGemini after meeting her at the 2016 Philadelphia Geek Awards.

As a group, we all jive together while also bringing in a lot of uniqueness from other corners of our lives. Both LitaGemini and ChefBrent are neck-deep in the tech world, while Kevin_Spicy and I are both amateur DJs, and Tommcq and Troopzor could drink and talk about some of their favorite games for hours.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better crew of people to call my Stream Team. PH16 is the best. <3

As Told by Tommcq

A young Tommcq

A young Tommcq

A lonnggg lonnngggg loooooooonnnngggg time this galaxy..A man named Tommcq was born. After 18 years of awesomeness he moved in to an apartment with Troopzor. His awesome long time friend. They were hanging out for a few months and being totally awesome when Troop met a man who resided in PH16, another apartment a few stories up. After becoming friends and hanging out for a long time; I became a resident of PH16 with Troop following shortly behind. Elliface was our RA and checked in every once in a while making sure that we hadn't died from being way too awesome. Around 2012 I started streaming to Twitch once every few months just for fun...usually playing Poker Night at the Inventory. In late 2013 I had the idea to do a charity stream one weekend; raising money for St. Jude Childrens Hospital. I did my best to stream as much as I could by myself for a weekend and much happier that I have friends to assist me with charity streams now. It's always a ton of fun to get everyone in a room together and raise money for a good cause. I'm excited to see what the future has for us as we continue to build and create even more awesome content and meet even more awesome people. Stay Awesome. Awesome.