I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia with the greatest friends and family a dude could ask for...with video games though...It all started when I was a very young child of about 6-7 when I played my first video game....a Sega Genesis that my uncle owned...Actually I may have played Commodore64 games first...not sure.. Shortly after that, I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas and it was all video games from then on. Super Mario RPG changed the way that I experience media...a long form game with interweaving stories was a lot for a kid that age and it pretty much taught me how to read because I wanted to know what was going on so bad. Final Fantasy 7 had that same effect when it released as well. I truely believe that video games forged me as a person. I was born in them....molded by them...and now I just want to share these experiences with everyone! I was always trying to get my parents to sit and watch me play through games for hours at a time. It's funny to me that someone made a website where I just do that all the time now. I've always loved meeting people and felt like I've had endless love to give to everyone...so let's see how much I really have, huh? Let's push the limits of how much love I have...fill my heart with your love you lovely lads and ladies...I want to be filled to the brim with your love.... Anyway, I'm super pumped with Twitch and how everything is going. I'm excited to grow and keep giving everyone new types on content.

I'm really bad at these things so if you want to know more reach out to me during stream or on Discord...I'm an open book.