Hi I’m Elliface and I find posing for a photo literally impossible, don’t @ me about it

Hi I’m Elliface and I find posing for a photo literally impossible, don’t @ me about it


It all started when…

I grew up in rural York county, Pennsylvania with a cornfield in my backyard and a 56k modem in my self-assembled desktop. This didn’t stop me from watching TechTV and SciFi and playing games off the Sega Channel (be jealous) until all three dissolved into whatever-they-are-now. It also didn’t stop be from being bullied in high school for being a weird goth-y nerd kid. Seriously I couldn’t have a conversation with anyone.

College time meant moving to Philadelphia, where I met Tommcq and Troopzor. I was their RA in the tech school’s student dorms for 2 years.

Fun college facts:

  • Elli worked 3 jobs while taking full time classes and being an RA

  • She also didn’t drink any alcohol her whole life until Tom peer pressured her at 21 years and 6 months old… While she was on RA duty, supposed to be busting up parties.

  • Look, at least she graduated.

After college was a wild ride of convention staffing (where I met Kevin_Spicy), meaningless jobs, meaningless relationships, treasured kitten adoption, important jobs (where I met ChefBrent), important relationships with MMOs, and then finally….. YouTube.

Following the loss of a particularly important day job in 2016, I turned toward strengthening my skills in video editing by creating a daily vlog every day for 90 days. It was exhausting, and rendering video on old laptops gives you a lot of down time, where I discovered Twitch.

Later that year, I revamped a casual Google Hangout with friends into a fully captured cooking show, streamed to Twitch. This show would go on to be lauded by local chefs and praised by Twitch Staff in the Creative category. You may have heard of Cooking With Heat.

Starting in December of 2016, I decided to lean fully into livestreaming, creating new content PRETTY MUCH every single day. Each month since then has been a Themed Month, ranging from JAMuary where I play music games and DJ, all the way to DeSIMber where I play a new simulation game every single day of the month.

Wanna know more things about me?

  1. Buy me a drink first, sheesh.

  2. Stop by while I’m streaming! Stream Schedule

  3. Let’s hang out in discord! discord.gg/k7gm99D

  4. Be a total creeper and ask me anonymously: elliface.Sarahah.com

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