What Are Sub Packages?

If you're a current subscriber or have subscribed to anyone in PH16 between October 1st and December 31st, 2019, you can receive a subscriber gift package!

This quarter's package will include cards, branded stickers, and more!

All you have to do is fill out the form and then wait for your package to arrive! Packages will be mailed out at the beginning of January.



-"I signed up to receive a sub package last quarter! Do I have to sign up again and re-enter my address?"

YES! Elliface doesn't hold on to your address for privacy reasons. Once your sub package is mailed, your personal info is erased from all her hard drives and you go back to being a mystery mailbox!

-"I was gifted a subscription to a PH16 channel, can I still get a sub package?"

HECK YEAH MY DUDE! There's no sub discrimination here, as long as you're subscribed to Elliface, Tommcq, Troopzor, ChefBrent, Kevin_Spicy, Litagemini or Rexhavoc, you qualify for a mailed sub package!

-"I live near Philadelphia, or I plan on meeting up with someone in PH16. Can I get my sub package in person?"

Another YEP! Fill out this form and make a note about pickup in the address section! Then, coordinate with the streamer you subscribe to or Elliface herself for the best time/place to pick up your subscription package. Make sure your meetup doesn't occur before the items in the subscription package are ready!

Name *
What name would you like me to address the package to?
Address *
Be sure to include anything unique about your address, like apartment numbers or unique formatting!
I gotta know who to thank in chat!
What month(s) did you have a subscription? *
I gotta check between 80+ spreadsheets
Your opinion matters, bb! (No asking for ChefBrent's curlies, CJ!)

Thanks again for subscribing!