Want to Join the Team?

As of Friday, September 27th, PH16 is accepting new recruits! Yes, that means YOU could be on the PH16 stream team! Isn’t that exciting?


What do I get for joining?

There are lots of benefits for joining the team! You get:

  • Permission in the PH16 discord to create voice or text channels as needed

  • Your very own subscribers role in Discord for you to send out @-mentions!

  • Automatic reposting of content from your social media accounts in the Discord channel for #social-media

  • Your very own post in the #just-went-live Discord channel


  • Your beautiful face on a new page on the PH16 website

  • Shared StreamElements widgets from the other teammates streams. If you like an overlay or a widget, you can ask for it!

  • Graphics! Occasionally we’ll share team-wide graphics for you to include in your stream. Who doesn’t like free art?

  • And the kicker: Inclusion of your small merch or business cards in the quarterly sub package MAILED TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS AT EXACTLY NO COST TO YOU. If you have stickers or pins or something that can fit in a postcard envelope, you can pass it over to Elliface HQ to be shipped to subscribers who fill out the quarterly form. Your subscribers need to fill out a form, and you need to verify their subscription status… THAT’S IT. It’s totally free for PH16 team members!


Woah! So how do I join?

The requirements are steep, but I’m sure many of you meet ALMOST all of them. Still have a few boxes to check off? Totally cool, now you can get to work on them. GOALS!


New member admission qualifications

  1. Must have a regular stream schedule

    • Can you only stream one day a week? Totally fine. Weird work schedule? That’s ok too. The important part here is that you plan your streams, rather than just plopping down in front of your PC and hoping people remember you. Want to see an example of a very overdone stream schedule? Check out Elli’s

  2. Must have Twitch Affiliate status

    • This shows that you can reach arbitrary goals set for you by The Man™. Good job.

  3. PH16 Discord link in panels

    • Need a panel image? I got chu. And link the image to:

  4. PH16 discord link in commands

    • Something simple like “This is the best community anywhere on Twitch and only cool kids are allowed in, try your luck: https://discord.gg/9Dv8zeK”

  5. Mod status in 3 existing team members streams

    • You’ve gotta know your Roommates! You need to TRUST THEM! They need to TRUST YOU! And no begging for mod status unless you’re Sunarel.

  6. Must have met one of the Roommates in person

    • Us Roommates travel a LOT, so if you’re anywhere in the continental United States, at some point in a year, you’re at MAXIMUM a 6 hour drive from one of us. MAN WE JUST WANNA HANG OUT AND BE LIKE SUPER SURE YOU’RE NOT A ROBOT OKAY.

  7. Must have active social media accounts

    • We’re not looking for instagram models, just people who understand how to network both on and off Twitch. Memes totally qualify as social posts! Twitter is a bonus, but you can share Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Reddit, Google+ (lol), or even TikTok as long as you post there regularly!

  8. When applying, must have streamed 10+ hours in the last 30 days

    • We’re not looking for numbers or gauging success because those metrics change for everyone dependent on a butterfly flapping its wings. What the PH16 stream team wants is members who are passionate about streaming and can put time into it!

    • Wanna check your stats? I recommend sullygnome.com

  9. Raid/host the team!

    • Let’s be honest, if you fit the rest of the criteria above, you probably already do this sometimes. It doesn’t have to be EVERY time you stream, but it’s the best way to get the team to talk about you and get to know your streams too!

  10. That’s it!

    • Think you qualify? The fill out the form! Not completely sure if you qualify? Eh, fill it out anyway, and we’ll follow up and tell you what still needs doing!

Heck, you can even link to a photo as long as your viewers can also find it!
Which Roommates do you know?
Twitter: @elliface, Instagram: @ellifacetv, etc

How Will I know if I’m accepted to the team?

Adding new members is something that the whole group needs to meet about and discuss. Generally, someone will follow up with you and let you know if you supplied enough information pretty quickly, and then expect the watching, prying eyes of the PH16 team to be lurking in your streams.

You should know within a month, MAX.


Happy Hunting, Streamers!