Elli’s stolen sunglasses

Elli’s stolen sunglasses


I played my first video game at 4, and wrote my first video game at 6 (It was a slot machine simulator I copied out of a book). For the next several years I spent most of my time playing through rented games as fast as possible, and figuring out new and inventive ways to do things in games that I shouldn't ought to have been able to do (like give my Fighter 30 fireball spells in Pool of Radiance)

Things just got worse in college where I had a habit of remapping my friends' keyboards to Dvorak layout when they weren't paying attention, writing IRC bots, and getting onto the rooves of as many of the academic buildings as possible. I wrote one of the first eBay scrapers to harvest price data for Magic cards. I used the data to provide a free tool for traders to compare potential trades they were making, and maintained it until 2013, when several other, better websites began popping up.

I was studying Artificial Intelligence in school, but it was this Magic hobby that got me into Natural Language Processing. This in turn allowed me to turn my hobby into a small side business called Apathy House that kept me afloat during several periods of unemployment in my life, and eventually helped me buy a house.

At the same time as all this I also got involved in radio. I was Music Librarian, RPM Director and I hosted an industrial radio show for many years. DJ'ing gave me my first taste of doing something I enjoy for an audience, so years later when Elliface suggested taking our casual cooking hangouts live on Twitch I was into it! That show became Cooking With Heat.

Since then I've done DJ streams, gaming streams, more cooking streams, I've crossed the streams, swam up streams, and I do a weekly tabletop Magic the Gathering stream every Tuesday.

I still DJ

I still work in NLP

I still have a lot of Magic cards

I don't mess with my friends' keyboards anymore