Hi! I’m Amanda, aka LitaGemini on most gaming services. I also go by AJ on the web site http://www.tap-repeatedly.com where I post game reviews and news!

Fun fact: I’m actually a Cancer. The Gemini is taken from Gemini Man who is my favorite Mega Man Robot Master.

I’m a Software Engineer at Microsoft. I live outside of Philly but was born in Ohio, and I went to school at Bowling Green State University and Michigan State University. I’m a developer, artist, and game critic. Lately I also have been working on Conversational AI and gamification platforms as well as Mixed Reality (particularly HoloLens). I love to play Dungeons & Dragons, cook good food, make cosplays, play video game music on piano, and lots of other random hobbies and geeky pursuits. If it’s nerdy, I’ve probably tried it.

I also do a little writing. As well as working at Tap-repeatedly I have a personal blog at http://secondtruth.com. I’ve been featured in the Journal of Game Criticism, and the books 100 Greatest Game Characters and Digital Love: Romance and Sexuality in Games.

I have an absurdly large Deadpool collection.

As you can tell from all this I’m a pretty busy person, but in between all the rest I find some time to stream! I stream mostly variety, with a slight focus on indie games and JRPGs. I’m always up for anything that’s weird and quirky.

You can also find me on social media:

Twitter:  @Second_truth

Instagram: amandajlange