Cooking With Heat is Speaking at ODUcon!

Invited by PH16 community member @SymPhoenix the Cooking With Heat crew embarked on a road trip to Norfolk, Virginia to host panels at ODUCon.

Over the course of the 3-day con, the Cooking With Heat crew will be delivering 3 informative and educational panels.


First up is ChefBrent with his presentation about streaming IRL on any budget. In the presentation, titled “Your Life, Live On Twitch”, B walks through how to stream on a smartphone and then walks through the Gunrun backpack stream setup. You can catch him in the Webb center on Friday at 9pm!


If you’re around for another day, Kevin_Spicy will be dishing out all the details about how he bought a house with Magic: The Gathering cards. As a lifelong collector, he’s gathered tons of knowledge and he’s willing to share it! His panel will be in the Constant Hall on Saturday at 4pm.

Creative on Twitch w_ Cooking With Heat.png

Saturday at 6pm is Cooking With Heat’s introduction into Creative Streaming on Twitch. We’re 3 streamers who have been doing a constantly evolving cooking show for almost 4 years, and we’re very familiar with creative streams on Twitch.

Some of us are even highly opinionated about the software we use.


If you missed any of these presentations, you can find them in the files below!

Your Life, Live on Twitch

How I Bought a House With Magic Cards

Creative on Twitch w/ Cooking With Heat