Philly Twitch Meetup #4

Elliface here! September 14th was the 4th (Quarterly? Trimesterly?) Twitch Philly meetup, and the guestlist was packed. No, literally, there were people on the waiting list to get in. Have you ever seen that for a meetup!?

In attendance were the usual characters from PH16; ChefBrent, Kevin_Spicy and muhself (Elliface). We played Mario Kart, ate pizza, snagged some of the free Twitch t-shirts and sunglasses, ogled the Killer Queen arcade cabinet, and ChefBrent spent a considerable amount of time showing off in Cuphead with a fight stick. And did I mention that NicksMadScience was in attendance that weekend?


Enough about us, let’s talk about the awesome friends we met here! First up is Glooperdootle. He gave up gaming on Twitch to pursue the noble craft of dice making. so when we raided his channel after Cooking With Heat and found him making moulds to construct his own dice out of silicon, many viewers were bubbling over with questions.


As a thanks for the raid, he kindly promised he’d gift me the first set of dice he finished. They’re a glittery purple with white numbers, but some of the details didn’t quite turn out, so it’s back to the drawing board for more testing!

Glooperdootle was coaxed into bringing his ukulele by fellow Philly streamer Ubiquitee, who wanted a full on jam session at the meetup.

We got to talking with another streamer, BatSam, about her experiences with Twitch Sings. She’s had a lot of success growing on Twitch even when offline by contributing to Twitch Sings and hosting open duets. She’s full of so much energy, and has the voice of an angel, and as it turns out we share a good number of mutual friends on Twitch!

But mostly, we snapped blurry selfies to share with the internet.

MVIMG_20190914_212240 (1).jpg

One of the last attendees to walk in was someone that PH16’s favorite moderator Jandraelune recommended to the community. TouringNews is a channel that digs in to the headlines surrounding a specific subject each day, and discusses with viewers in chat and occasionally attendees in a video call. It’s political in nature, but this guy’s running for an office in a few years, so consider it a study session!

Also, a photo can’t quite capture how tall this cat is, but trust me when i say he’s a magnitude higher into the atmosphere than his stream will have you believing.

Overall, the Twitch Philly event crew outdid themselves once again, putting on a fun stream and maintaining a packed event. It was such a fun time, and I can’t wait for the next meetup!

Oh, and you KNOW we’re planning on seeing most of these fools at TwitchCon 2019.